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Basic CERT Training Class – Spring 2017



Class was Disaster Medical Operations – part 1
Instructor, Paramedic James Holt, shared his knowledge with participants
Practicing applying direct pressure to a wound

Practicing skills learned in first aid
Paramedic James Holt

 Links to videos from class:

3-23-17 JB demonstrating

3-23-17 Jason glove practice

3-23-17 Marion glove practice


Search and rescue was the topic tonight
Lt. Gary Schurr returned to share his expertise



Lt. Schurr demonstrating cribbing – a technique used to lift a heavy object to aid victims that may be trapped under it
Class participant trying her hand at cribbing






Fire safety and utility control training
Firefighter, Lt. Gary Schurr, instructing on fire safety.
Protective equipment










Class participants
Practice turning off utilities
Learned the crucial concept of “size up”









Hands on practice with fire extinguishers video



First class attendees
Edward Sauer instructing
Team building exercise
Tower building
Another tower going up
Working together as a team
Another tower rising
Getting started on tower building